About the book

Power and the manner in which people exercise it have always fascinated me. I've always enjoyed reading about how different people left their impact on history, and presidents certainly do that. I didn't start as a political junkie, but over the past ten years, I've become utterly dependent on keeping up with politics and current events.
Without giving too much away, this New Edition of "Beyond D-Day Blunder" is considerably more than just a historical thriller; it also has a great deal to do with the dynamic everyday happenings in current local and international political developments, which are always moving quickly. I loved how the author created a juxtaposition between the tragedies and political happenings faced by Germany as a nation and America's future. It truly stays with you after you turn the final page and gives you much to ponder. Moreover, adding a hint of a well-done and fleshed-out romance based on a real story was a great touch and definitely made an impact.

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